2006 Northeast Regional Soil Judging Competition

The 2006 NE Regional Soil Judging Competition is being hosted by the University of Maine - Orono and the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The dates are October 20th and 21st. Wayne Hoar, NRCS, will be choosing the four soils that will be used for the contest. Together, he and Dr. Osher will have 10 backhoe-dug practice pits available on or near campus. Teams usually arrive a few days in advance (and the top teams in the region will arrive on Sunday). The descriptions for (and directions to) the practice pits will be given to teams when they arrive.

We could use help!

Pit Descriptions: All of these pits need to be described by at least 3 different soil scientists.

Pit monitors: On October 20th, we'll need a few people to manage the contestants at each contest pit. In terms of weather, this could be a miserable or a wonderful job. It could also be very fun.

Pit Description Scorers: Also on October 20th, we'll need as many people as we can get (up to 20) to score the student's cards. The scoring will be an indoor job.

MAPSS members should contact Dr. Laurie Osher or Wayne Hoar to volunteer.